About me

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Hello. My name is Oleh Prypin. I am passionate about programming.
I seek elegance and keep discovering new programming languages. Crystal is my favorite so far.
I enjoy and have the most knowledge about Python programming language. And I'm moderately experienced in so many other technologies that I lost count.

My big hobby is computer games. I am a highly skilled player and I strive for 100% completion in games.
I like games that are based on a simple idea (that doesn't mean the idea can't be made into something interesting and complex). I play mostly games that have a lot of action involved (and that's mostly platformers), but do like good puzzles as well.
See my Steam profile.
I support Linux gaming.

I am 29 years old, male.

About this website

The website is hosted in a VPS at Vultr (sign up through the referral link to help me out), running Arch Linux. The server is NGINX + uWSGI.

The website is a hybrid: the pages are almost all static and served directly by NGINX, but some parts (mostly redirects) are served by a Flask app.

It is generated from Jinja templates and Markdown (Python-Markdown with custom plugins and Pygments). Whenever I edit a source file, a daemon based on Watchdog re-runs the generation of that part of the website.

The scripts are generated from LiveScript (why would I write JavaScript...).

Some specific pages obtain information from Steam (requests), sometimes even with HTML parsing, so lxml and cssselect are involved. Now, we wouldn't want to do too many requests to Steam, so dogpile.cache is used.