if everyone keeps playing LYNE, it'll be possible to read the message Scheme/mapping Bit scheme from Xs and Ys

It's over! All the information is on Steam Community.

Thanks, everybody!

This is a web interface that lets people enter their cipher patterns from LYNE very conveniently.

Anyone can see the result freely, also plaintext data (one per number like on the main page) and plaintext raw data (all submissions), but to access the editing interface you gotta be trusted.

The main part of it is something like this thing I made earlier except it actually stores the ciphers.

It was tested on recent Chrome and Firefox.

Everyone (with edit access) gets one submission (but you can change it) per page. You can use it to publish your cipher or confirm one of the existing ones. They are sorted by votes and the one with the most votes is shown on the main page.

To remove your submission, clear the result field and press Submit.

Yes, not all of the patterns are conformant to this scheme. If you see something different, with the letter X or Y, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Describe it in exhaustive details in the input field instead, maybe include a link to a screenshot. "Custom" submissions are premoderated.

When in doubt, contact BlaXpirit: blaxpirit@gmail.com, Steam.

(That's also how you can get the permission to contribute)

If you have lots of data and it's even remotely machine-readable, I can parse it so you don't have to enter it by hand (even though it's very easy).